Soleeze Spring Loaded Insoles

Soleeze Spring Loaded Insoles were developed for one of the Toughest Guys ever in the NFL and now you can purchase them directly from the Patent Holder.  

These spring loaded insoles help relieve back, hip, knee, and and foot pain.  Built with twelve springs that cushion and support the foot, these insoles return some of the energy to the body for a push off with every stride.  Many foot and ankle ailments stem from the impact of the body weight while walking.  This is the reason we have designed the five coils positioned under the heel.  seven smaller springs under the ball of the foot, futher disperse the impact and cradle the foot.  

The suspension coils are only 1/4" thick making them just as suitable for athletic shoes as for work boots and undetectable until a step is taken.  The insoles also features honeycomb padding with valves that draw in and expel air during walking for constant circulation to keep the shoe dry and skin healthy.